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Great Food, Fast Delivery ,Low Prices, Compared to delivery from similar Restaurants, way better in quality of food and is delivered hot. Never even one soggy cold French Fry in any of my deliveries. Only one or two small issues, but I called and sent someone right back out. Quality food right down to real mashed potatoes. Highly recommend, delivery service is the best I had from any similar competetors.


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Good food and quick delivery.


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Fast and pretty darn good.




Manager man was nice enough to change the channel after there 45 minutes. Otherwise, horrible service. Don't bring your soccer team here.



Love the beer prices, and the food is just fine, but there are sometimes some shady characters around. There are also some great people as well. I like it.



I love their menu, it's got an awesome variety that you don't find anyplace else in town. The food has always been good and the waitresses really try to do their best. Breakfast is totally the time to go because after noon or on game...



The menu was very extensive and all of our food was great! The servers did a great job taking care of a very big group.



RBI is a bar but has a extensive menu. Breakfast all day, burgers, tacos, salads, Keto menu, chicken, fish and much more. Great for a large party or two. Service is great we prefer Michelle.



Great place to hang out.Exceptional pub food.Great value specials.Friendly bartenders and waitresses.


Heather b

I’m simply going to step back here and say I’m simply horrified by the behavior of the staff handling unruly patrons when family with children were at this establishment. It’s frightening to think this is an acceptable behavior or the staff to encourage the patrons...



Went a couple months ago and everything was good, that's why we returned. This time, not sure if the night was an "off" or if everyone was recovering from NYE. When we walked in, seemed no one knew what was happening. Greeted by one person...



What prevents them from getting a five star review is that every time we use our credit card, they add anywhere between $.37-1.07 more onto the total when they run the card and we see it on our statement later. It’s very annoying and when...



1st, management is to blame for the the lack of any cleanliness in any area of this establishment! Obviously the tap lines have not been cleaned per regulations. I couldn't even swallow the nasty beer. Ny husband said the mens room has more urine on...

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About RBI's Bar & Grill and reviews